Monday, November 14, 2016


I’m back!  I thought I would make one last try with my non-tax personal blog before giving up for good.  A different format again this time – kind of inspired by the “Webb Page” column (the author’s first name is Webb) in a local free advertiser. 

Last Tuesday was Election Day.  I was truly saddened by the results of the election.  For the first time in my life I felt ashamed to be an American.  America was great before November 8th – but on January 1st it will be great no more.  

While I did not have the same problems with Clinton that many people, including some close friends, did, I voted Democrat this time, at least for President, more as a vote AGAINST dangerous, deplorable, despicable mentally unstable narcissist Donald J Trump – who many, myself included, have branded “the worst major Party candidate in history” – than a vote for Clinton.

As I waxed poetic in a pre-election “tweet” –

Last time around I voted for Mitt.
But I can’t vote for Trump, ‘cause he’s a piece of shit.

I am extremely proud to have vocally and aggressively denounced and opposed Dangerous Donald consistently and constantly – on Twitter and Facebook, at THE WANDERING TAX PRO, in conversations with friends and clients, and in online comments and letters to the editors of local newspapers – throughout the campaign - and I will continue to vocally and aggressively denounce and oppose President Trump and his nonsensical “alleged” policies. 

As I “tweeted” on Wednesday morning –

Our first priority beginning today is to make sure that Trump will be a one-term only President!

This was my second Presidential election as a resident of Pennsylvania.  The first time was in 2012, a few months after my move from Jersey City NJ. 

As I introduced myself to the “panel” at my polling place and was signing in on Election Day 2012 the Republican “challenger”, who had overheard that I was a new PA resident, came over to welcome me, publicly announcing (I assume jokingly) –

Here in Pennsylvania the Republicans pay $20.00 per vote.”

My response –

I just came from Hudson County, NJ where the Democrats paid $25.00 per vote.”

I was not upset or offended by the challenger’s greeting, and accepted it as a joke.  But I couldn’t help thinking that if he had said that to me at a Jersey City polling place he would have been promptly physically evicted, and possibly taken to jail.

Just one of the many differences between life in rural PA and life in metropolitan NJ.

I did vote Republican that day – but I never got my $20.00!

Actually I had, for a time, been paid to vote Republican in Hudson County.  My parents were a rarity in Jersey City – registered Republicans.  My father was a Republican Committeeman and both parents were judges on election panels representing the Republican Party.  I also worked on the polls a couple of years in my 20s for some extra money – and had to register and vote Republican during the primaries to be able to do so, despite being, at the time, more supportive of Democratic Party policies.

As for this year’s Senate election – the constant negative ads for both candidates totally turned me off.  There appeared to be no difference between them – according to the ads they were both selfish and uncaring millionaires only interested in lining their pockets.  I voted for the Libertarian candidate.

FYI – I posted about “What We Learned From This Election” at THE WANDERING TAX PRO last Thursday. 

And also FYI - I will be initiating a new blog - THE LIBERTY TIMES - to continue denouncing and opposing Donald Trump very soon.  I will let you know here and at THE WANDERING TAX PRO when it is up. 
Also last Thursday I drove to Glen Rock NJ for my semi-annual “Boys Night Out” dinner with friends from grammar school, high school, and college.  We have been getting together twice a year for decades now.  The group has been reduced lately as two retired and moved to other states.  One new member, who I have known for over 50 years, was welcomed a couple of years ago to fill in the loss. 

The event had been referred to as a “Booze and Schmooze” in the past – but lately, as we have aged, there has been much more Schmooze than Booze.

Finally, last week I finished proof-reading a new special tax e-book – ROBERT D FLACH’S GUIDE TO SCHEDULE A – and went to press.  It discusses in detail just about everything you always wanted to know about itemizing deductions on your 2016 Schedule A.  Click here to read more about it.

TAFN – “Talk” to you next week.
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